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Distractions are excuses, students should stay productive in this Internet world: Actor Akash Dasnayak


Ollywood actor, Chairperson of ‘MO COLLEGE’ and former MLA of Korei Constituency, Akash Dasnayak recently talked about the merits and demerits of internet in students’ lives following the COVID pandemic situation.

In an interview with CelebrityClub, Akash said, “After internet entered into our lives, a lot of distractions have been created. Although entertainment is required in our lives, still I will request or rather advice all the students to give some time to productive things in their daily lives.”

“These COVID-19 pandemic times have been so hard and have created a helpless situation for all of us. Considering youth are the future of our development, students’ lives have become much more important these days. They must learn ‘Samaya ka Sadupjyog’ which means good use of time,” he added.

The actor further said, “There is nothing more important than time. Many a times, inspite of being creative, people fail in their lives because of their bad time management. Due to current lockdown, people have plenty of time which can be utilises in a productive way. Before going to bed, one should maintain journal and note down what they have done in the whole day and what productive steps they have taken to achieve their future goals. Doing this everyday could build up their confidence to do anything. There are many competitions available online too in which they could participate for extra curricular activities.”

Akash also requested parents to keep in touch with their children so they don’t get depressed and stay stress-free.

Sharing a positive note, Akash stated, “Not only students, each and every person staying at home in this pandemic should set up a positive mind and spread positivity among people. Along with regular work, we could indulge ourselves in multiple productive and positive activities like sharing motivational thoughts and relive hobbies like plantation, painting, singing, dancing, decorating, making innovative products etc.

He further urged everyone to be aware of everything related to COVID-19, to obey all the rules issued by Government and to take early steps without panicking as, lately, many elderly people battled with COVID and have come out successfully because of positive mindsets and good habits.

While discussing about the growth of film industry, Akash said, “Technologically, our industry has developed a lot. But it still lacks good scripts and original stories. Our movie makers should give optimum time to film with proper planning. They should not rush to release the movie. Doing this could bring better films from the industry.”

While singing off, Akash left few tips for new comers saying, “Acting is a vast carrer. It is very tough if compared with other professions. It’s not that easy to sustain here for long time. So, not only acting, whatever career you may choose, be prepared and do proper ground work. Your passion, hard work and dedication could help you ace in everything.

On work front, Akash’s upcoming movie ‘Herogiri’, which was halted since 2019 due to unfinished work, has almost been shot. A release date for it will be announced soon. He will soon start working for his next movie ‘Mahabahu’.

Interview Conducted by Pratika Priyadarshini

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