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‘AGE IS NO BAR’, self-confidence, timely treatment, nutrition helps to beat COVID-19 Virus: Actress Prakruti Mishra


Odia and Hindi Actress Prakruti Mishra recently shared an inspirational real story about her 92-years-old grandmother. Taking to her Instagram account the actress wrote:

“In the past few weeks, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions when my father tested positive, followed by Jejema getting affected by the Virus. But the lifelong regimen of good habits and immediate actions held them in a good steady-state.
No doubts in believing “AGE IS NO BAR” if you have self-confidence, patience, timely treatment and proper nutrition to beat the virus. Its all a result of good deeds and our family’s ardent faith in lord Jagannath, that we saw Jejemaa defeat the force of this virus at the age of 92 🙌🏼”


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Prakruti further added, “Whether a strong immune system, good genes, yet unshakeable faith, this is also caused of strong will power 🙌🏼”

She proudly stated that ‘THIS IS A RARE SHINING LIGHT AMID MUCH HEARTBREAK AND LOSS IN OUR COUNTRY. I hope these difficult times end soon! Jai Jagannath 🙌🏼🙏🏼’

Expressed her gratitude, the Actress also thanked her family members and the one who knew about her grandmother’s health issue for being the biggest support and for the prayers.

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