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Actress Sheetal Patra Give Idea and Information About HOW To Boost Your Immunity With Homemade Ingredients

Sheetal says Small health changes make a big difference

Feeling low in this COVID-19 pandemic situation???? Ollywood Actress Sheetal Patra shared some of the simple homemade ingredients liked Orange, Ginger, Honey, Nuts, Bell peppers for your concern. Read here to know how you can make it.

Sharing a detailed reel video of how to use those homemade ingredients, Sheetal wrote in her Instagram account, “Small health changes make a big difference – 4 immunity boosters we need in our life 😊.”

The Actress also mentioned few benefits of those ingredients:

1. Oranges 🍊: Rich in Vitamin C
2. Ginger & Honey (In hot water preferably): Relieves congestion & cold
3. Nuts (Almond, walnuts): High in Zinc
4. Bell peppers (Capsicum): Vitamin C, High in Anti-oxidants, Rich in Iron

Sheetal further reminded the citizen to Get vaccinated if they haven’t yet 💉 and urged them to wear a mask😷 before moving out. She prays for everyone to Stay Healthy and Safe❤️.


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