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Looking good is an advantage not a necessity for an actor: Actress Suryamayee Mohapatra

Ollywood actress Suryamayee Mohapatra recently shared her opinion over the ongoing debate of discrimination on the basis of colour and body type.

During a conversation with CelebrityClub, the actress narrated that in the film industry the fairness of skin does matter anymore.

Suryamayee said, “I don’t believe in good looks. Looking good might be a bonus but it is not mandatory. End of the day people may forget the face of the actor but they will remember the dialogues and expressions.”

“There are many actors who are not very handsome but they indeed are superstars. Hara Pattnaik, Irfan Khan, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (Mr Bean), Dhanush they are burning examples,” she said.

The actress further added, “If you are talented, there are roles which specifically suit your personality and looks. Pulling off the look of the character you are playing is all that matters. With time, popularity will come your way.”

“Nowadays, with technology, even the ugliest person playing the least glamorous character can be filmed as a good looking one. Some actors also go for plastic surgeries to enhance their looks. So, it’s not an easy job,” she said.

Sharing her definition of beauty, Suryamayee said, “Beauty is a subjective aspect. The people you find beautiful and attractive may not be the same in others’ eyes.”

On the work front, Suryamayee has been part of blockbuster Odia films like, ‘Mr Majnu’ opposite Babushaan, Sheetal, Divyadisha and ‘Krishna the Story of Dancer’ opposite the well-known choreographer Prince Krishna Reddy. In her recent projects, she was seen spreading awareness among people about climate, women-centric and social messages, through her music videos named, ‘Ayigiri Nandini’, ‘Prithvi Manthan’, ‘Nua Thikana Ku’ and ‘Malhara’.

“I always wanted to entertain people and contribute to social awareness activities. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to come up with such unique pieces. All of them are close to my heart and somehow relate to my life,” said Suryamayee.

Interview Conducted by Pratika Priyadarshini

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