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Likes are critical, but quality trumps quantity: Blogger Shweta Choudhury

CelebrityClub has caught up with popular lifestyle blogger Shweta Choudhury to hear from her about what it takes to become a successful blogger and important points that one should remember before taking up blogging as a career. So we asked what made her so famous in the blogging world.

Shweta, who prides herself as a “friendly neighborhood blogger”, explains that she picks topics that are never complex, which readers can easily connect with.

“I could draw an audience because I chose topics that are trending like pop culture, beauty, or regional contents, like Odia Reels, etc. Contents that are educational, informative, inspiring, relatable, and entertaining always saw greater interest among my audience, which worked for me,” she says.

“It worked for me since I started blogging as a career,” she adds.

In her advice to aspiring bloggers, she stresses regularity in blogging. She believes posting content at least three times a week would be good enough to start with. “Check shares, saves, and comments on your posts, don’t just count the likes. And choose quality over quantity,” explains Shweta.

“Don’t shy away from experimenting with different things; be mindful of the time you post, and use trending audios if the content warrants. “You will get the exposure if the content reaches the right people. Although sadly, it sometimes depends on luck,” says Shweta who has a huge fan-base of teenagers.

Shweta is also particular about partnering with brands. “While choosing a product, I check whether it will be useful for me. But if I get gym-related stuff, I decline them because I show myself to everyone that I eat junk food. I prefer brands that match my profile,” she stresses.

“Just because brands give me money I can’t sell myself. You have to believe in that brand. If you believe then you can make a good choice,” she adds.

Fortunately, the lockdowns came as a blessing in disguise for Shweta. She got an opportunity to learn photography, edit and manage other tasks herself due to the covid restrictions. Although the work was hard, as people were going through a difficult time, Shweta succeeded in entertaining her viewers with her “Lookbooks” played on national television during the IPL match. Her “Odia Rangabati Reel” also grabbed significant attention. It was included in this year’s Raja festival.


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Shweta concludes: “If I perceive and work hard, I can achieve, but it is better to work smart. If you work hard for two to three days for a shoot, you can also earn two to three days of rest in a week.”

Interview Conducted by Pratika Priyadarshini

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