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Don’t lose the charm of acoustic music: Music Director Bikash Das

A mix of acoustic and electronic music can bring magic to songs, says the director.

Artists often skip the traditional yet fundamental steps of creating music in a rush to create albums or lend songs to the film industry. Hence, people can’t find the real melody in songs nowadays, says famed Ollywood music director Bikash Dash in an interview with CelebrityClub.

“Today’s generation is in a hurry; they need everything immediately. It’s not that electronic programming style is inadequate, but if we plan earlier, give some time to refine it, and mix some acoustic music well, then we would find out a superlative output,” says Das. “Some acoustic instruments like tabla, drum, guitar, violins, and many more have their own energies, and by adding them, create a unique vibration, that directly touches the feeling of the audience,” he stresses.

Das explains the power of music as “Geetam vadyam tatha nrityam trayam sangeetamuchyate”. According to him, “Music is a broad form – a collection of three arts: Geet (song), Vadya (instrument), and Nritya (dance). But sometimes we fail to understand it for taking it lightly or for overconfidence,” he explains. Talents like music, dance, or craftsmanship that one receives from parents and the almighty can only be sharpened, or refined, if the person applies the rudimentary and practical steps of the craft.

Das believes that every artist can be a music director or a singer if they follow the 3 Ps: purification, passion, and patience. However, Das is hopeful of the Ollywood music industry’s future.

“We have creative artists in our industry. Everyone is experimenting with their unique ideas in music or producing the same song in different designs as every audience has a different taste. I am glad our youth today are welcoming it and adopting it. If we continue our progress, a time will come when not only our regional audience but also people across India will phrase our songs,” he adds.

Interview Conducted by Pratika Priyadarshini

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