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Pandemic gave a digital boost to artists: Music director Prem Anand

Although the pandemic has been devastating, it may have come as a blessing in disguise for some. It hastened the digital transformation of some artists, said Ollywood’s famed music director Prem Anand.

In an interview with CelebrityClub, the music composer said many artists moved to the digital space to connect with their fans as they could no longer perform in public or meet them due to restrictions.

Anand, who has experimented with different music genres in his illustrated career spanning several decades, said artists face many challenges due to a lack of support. As a result, they are unable to excel.

“The pandemic has shattered the music industry, but gave a digital platform to artists,” he said. But Anand has a word of caution: “Not all songs are original, though the music covers are amazing, innovative. Some might be copied– partially if not fully. They are just getting into each other’s songs”.

Also, sometimes artists suffer due to a lack of budget and support, and they are left underrated. Hence, “We must be more careful about whom we encourage or promote,” he added.

He praised the independent artists for their contribution to Odia music. “The indie artists have made a mark in the industry, thanks to live-streaming, digital platforms, and support from music labels.

Due to the immense reach of the digital space, their fan base has been growing. Conversely, the established ones might be struggling due to the inability to maintain consistency in their music. Besides, they sign up for many projects which they can’t handle. As a result, quality drops, leading to rejection.

Anand offers a few tips that he thinks that all aspiring, committed artists must know.

Artists must be aware of the current musical trends before they hit the stage, he said. They should focus on the work and not fame, which would eventually follow. Most importantly, they must practice, experiment, and innovate to make a mark on the musical scene.

Anand’s music in recent films like “Bijayinee- Bijayi Bhava” demonstrates his talent. No wonder the immense popularity of his songs. Some of the films in which he lent music but are yet to be released are “Ashique Surender Hela”, “Dil Mora Manea”, “Tu Mo Kamjori”, “Oye Anjali”, Mahabahu”. He also has a few Bollywood projects that will enthrall the Odia audience as well.

Interview Conducted by Pratika Priyadarshini

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