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Artists have to go with the trend to be noticed: Swayam Pravash Padhi

In the era of digitalisation and rapid connectivity, Ollywood playback singer, Swayam Pravash Padhi recently spoke about the importance of making direct contact with the audience.

In an interview with CelebrityClub, Swayam said, “Today, every artist’s way of dealing with stardom has changed. We are in a digital world where mode of audience communication has changed and there is no room for privacy. Artists have become more extroverts. They prefer having interactions with audience, take suggestions from them and inspire them through their work.”

“Nowadays the trend has changed.  More you engage on social media, the more you work and more attention you get from people. If we are not so active on digital or social media we will be considered doing nothing. I personally did many cover songs on YouTube before I went into original music. I followed the trend, I applied it, I succeeded,” he said.

Narrating an example Swayam said, “If a song gets hit through the reel, then we have to try the trend, accept it and entertain people by doing it. So, for that, we should maintain our standards and keep ourselves updated with the technology.”

He further talked about changes in the Odia Industry’s techniques with the passage of time, addition of talented artists and has quality visual effects, graphics designs and creativity.

On being asked about the growth of the industry, Padhi said, “Many a times people comment that good music-making started from now onwards. But I say ‘Good Music’ was always there. We are simply continuing the legacy. Earlier, we used to have magical songs and today we also have good music. It’s just that we have to hear the golden eras of the Industry, before blaming it.”

Spreading awareness ‘pheri diya ceyi puruna dina’, the singer has done remakes of various popular like Toro krushna chuda ranga, Kie mo sapane asi nida ku kala chuna chuna, Anamika nayika, To lamba beni and many more. Many appreciated the work of Singer Swayam.


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“After making several remakes, I realised that either our Odia people had not listened to good old songs and they started believing that there are no good songs available or releasing in Odia Industry,” said Padhi.

“When I was in class 8-9, I used to listen to these types of songs through portable tv or radio and now that I am remaking them, it feels nostalgic.”

At a time when everybody is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the entertainment industry is somewhat helping people to destress. The artists try to entertain the people with motivational songs by putting their lives at risk.

“The entertainment industry should be honoured as covid warriors as artists left their houses, recorded, shot the songs to bring positive mentality in the people. They indirectly saved many peoples lives too,” said Swayam.

He concluded by requesting everyone to avoid gathering and direct contact with the things brought from outside. He also urged people to follow all Covid protocols to remain healthy and safe.

Interview Conducted by Pratika Priyadarshini

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